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5 Tips to Achieving Your Goals Now

I tell my clients that one of the most important things that they can do for both their business and personal life is to create compelling goals and setting specific trackable actions to achieve those goals.

It is part of living an intentional life.  It is a way to create the impact you want in the world.

It is not easy to do this.  Most people don’t do it effectively.  Many don’t do it at all. 

You may be thinking that this doesn’t apply to you because you have set goals for yourself. You know, for example that you want to earn more money, or enjoy yourself more, or be debt free, or grow your business, or improve your health.

If any of these statements apply to you, I would suggest that they are not goals at all, but rather are vague wishes.  

What follows are 5 secrets that will dramatically and positively impact the achievement of your goals. 

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No More Excuses for Getting It Done!

It’s All In the Follow Through

Do you have an easy time setting goals for yourself and hard time following through on doing all of the things necessary to achieve them? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. This issue comes up time and time again in both my coaching practice and in the workshops I conduct on goal achievement. Don’t despair, there are many steps you can take to improve on your follow through and thus increase your chances of achieving more of your goals.

I have previously written about the absolute necessity to have excellent goal clarity about what it is you want to achieve. These goals should be written down and shared with a trusted partner, coach, spouse, or friend. Some people tell me that there is no need to write down their goals, as they can remember them. That may be true; however the very act of writing them down dramatically increases your chances of achieving them. One of my clients commented how when they finally wrote down their top goals, they felt a personal accountability for achieving them that they never felt before. Give it a chance; you’ll be pleased with the results.

What follows is a brief list of suggestions to enhance your follow through on the goals you have set for yourself. Let me stress that having too many goals or goals that are not specific, or goals that hold no emotional pay-off for you are weak and do not release adequate quantities of the achievement drive needed to achieve them.

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The Power of Groups

Have you ever wondered how a good business professional becomes a great leader? Or how some seem to be on the fast track to success? Many, if not most were members of a Mastermind Group. They had the support, inspiration and intelligent advice of a group of peers that they could depend upon no matter what was going on in their professional or personal life.

What are Mastermind Groups?

Mastermind groups brainstorm, share ideas, concerns and challenges. These groups provide a safe environment where you can interact with a group of like minded individuals who bring their unique talents, experiences and real solutions to problems to the group. InsuranceCoachU calls these groups Champions' Success Groups©.

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Designing Environments to Support Growth and Change

Do you want to give yourself an edge when attempting to grow or change? Then consider designing environments that will support you. Success comes quicker and easier when you're not fighting uphill battles or constantly clearing obstacles that get in your way.

What Is An Environment?

An environment is a part of your daily experience and can be both tangible and intangible. People, who strive to improve themselves, their businesses, or careers, will most often just focus on themselves as the source of their success or failure. By designing environments that support growth and change, you can set up a system that can help you to automatically move toward a more effortless success.

Environments Can:

  1. Stimulate success. They can take care of routine tasks and support you in doing things you need to do to stimulate your success.
  2. Do the work for you. From automated bill paying to task reminders, they can take care of time consuming details and activities so you are free to do other things.
  3. Inspire creativity. You can increase your creativity and inspiration by setting up your environment so that you are constantly engaged by and in the company of what inspires you.

Make Environments Meaningful To You

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Coaching: The Goal... The Vision... The Results

When Insurance Agent Kate Green initially contacted me in regard to a coaching session, she had no idea what to expect from our connection or what a coaching session actually entailed. Little did Kate know that her work and her life, as she had known it, was about to change dramatically and that based on our sessions she would never look at herself or her business in the same way again. In fact, Kate was actually about to go on a journey that would prove to be a vehicle for achieving her goals, improving her personal and professional life, and making a genuine difference to her level of enthusiasm and passion for her career. Kate would ultimately discover the overall results of coaching and the bonus effect it would have on the vision she held for her career and her future.

Case History Background  

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7 Secrets to Improve Your Listening Skills

Whether you are a salesperson, manager, boss, co-worker, parent, or friend; at one time or another you’ll need to persuade someone to do something. Some people believe that you need to use the spoken word to convince people to see it your way. While the spoken word and the logic of your argument are important, effective and active listening is one of the highest forms of persuasion. By being an exceptionally good listener, people will gain confidence and trust in you. Most people have a deep desire to be understood. When you connect with people at that level, you develop a strong relationship with them that’s hard to beat.

Here are 7 Secrets to Becoming a Great Listener.

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Top Rules for Successful Networking

Webster’s II New College Dictionary defines networking as, “An informal system whereby persons having common interests assist each other.” I would say that’s a bit of an understatement in our current “do not call list” environment. Effective networking can mean the difference between success and failure.

A client of mine puts it best, “Effective business networking is the linking together of individuals who, through trust and relationship building, become walking and talking advertisements for one another.” Networking is creating connections and great relationships. It is not about collecting business cards! The more people who know about you, your goals and objectives and your business, the more easily you will attract the results you want.

Here are some tried and true principles of attraction networking.

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