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Leadership Starts with Yourself

To lead others, one must first learn how to lead oneself. This is reality. There is no getting around that.

You can’t expect people to follow you, your directions and suggestions if you are not living your own life in integrity, if you are not listening and living your own wisdom.
How we act and live speaks volumes about who we are. It speaks more loudly than anything we say.

Here are 6 attributes of self leadership.

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7 Keys to Creating and Maintaining a Positive Agency Climate

What is Climate?

Organizational climate, using a weather metaphor is the “atmosphere of the work place.” It answers the question of, “What is it like to work here?” Climate is a complex mixture of feelings, perceptions, expectations, norms, values, policies, and procedures which summarize the statement, “the way we do things around here.” It is, in effect, the “culture” of the organization.

Why is Climate important?

Creating a positive organizational climate is important because climate dramatically impacts individual and organizational performance. It impacts not only your “bottom- line” measured by individual performance, efficiency and effectiveness, but also contributes to all of those intangibles like the ability to attract top candidates to your organization. Climate can help to differentiate you from your competition. It can be created and/or changed through a conscious and direct effort of management.

What are the 7 key Climate dimensions?

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Thoughts on Leadership

The topic of leadership has fascinated me for most of my professional career. Hundreds of books have been written about Leadership. Its scope is both enormous and multi-faceted. In this issue of Champions’ E-zine, I’d like to focus on just one aspect of leadership. Helping and inspiring others.

I was watching a T.V. news magazine program that featured a story about a retired doctor who became bored with playing golf and who decided to come out of “retirement.” He decided to start a clinic to give local residents who could not otherwise afford it, free health care. He enlisted over 120 “retired” doctors and nurses and many more nonmedical volunteers to join his cause. During the interview the doctor told the news reporter, “It’s not who you are or where you’re going, but who you help along the way.”

His quote inspired me. He was acting as a true leader. He had a vision he was passionate about, articulated it clearly, recruited the help of others, believed in others abilities to help, and overcame many logistical and legal obstacles to make his dream a reality. Sound familiar?

What About Your Leadership Skills?

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Centers of Influence

The Beatles Said It Best

What sales and management wisdom could the Beatles possibly impart to us? It’s quite simple really. John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote a song titled, “With a Little Help From My Friends.” Ringo Starr was the lead vocalist. We could all use a little help now and then, but in sales and sales management, our success may depend upon it. I’m speaking of course about the need to work with a good number of Centers of Influence or Nominators. These people represent a way you can multiply yourself. They are your extra eyes and ears in the community looking for ways to be of help to you. They help by connecting you with people you do not now know, but would like to know. Whether you are looking for potential sales reps or qualified prospects that need your financial planning help, Centers and Nominators can be of great value.

Of course, you already know this. So why aren’t more producers and managers taking maximum advantage of this wonderful resource? In my coaching practice, I hear and see many reasons, but one surfaces more than others; while they intellectually like the idea of using Centers, they haven’t made a 100% commitment to doing what needs to be done. This involves devoting quality time, effort and practice. Sometimes lack of knowledge on how to go about finding and using nominators is also a reason that prevents sales people and managers from taping into this business accelerating resource. Here’s a quick outline of a six step process you can follow.

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Want to Sell More? Stop Selling! Start Listening!

Consumers today are more sophisticated than ever before. They have many tools at their disposal to educate themselves about financial services products and investments. The internet makes it easy to do research and comparison shop. The 24/7 financially focused T.V. networks barrage the public with financial news and information. Often times, the information presented is confusing and even contradictory. It's no wonder that our prospects can become skeptical about our claims and suggestions.

Prospects don't want to be sold on what to do. They want to secure the advice of a trusted advisor. One who has their best interest at heart. But, "I am a trusted advisor," you say. What I have discovered in my coaching practice is that more often than not, while the advisors sentiment and desire to be a trusted advisor is there, their actions and questions to their prospects don't line up with their belief about how they sell.

In broad terms there are two types of advisors, those who are product focused and those who are customer focused.

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Vision, Persistence, and Triumph

On July 1st 1976, the new National Air and Space Museum building opened its doors to visitors in downtown D.C. This was not your ordinary ribbon cutting ceremony. President Ford was among the dignitaries present who watched a red, white, and blue ribbon being cut by a signal radioed back to Earth over nearly 200 million miles away from a Viking spacecraft that was approaching the planet Mars. Within two years, the museum welcomed over twenty million visitors. To this day, the National Air and Space Museum greets about 10 million visitors each year, making it the most visited Museum in the world!

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