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A Short Course in Effective Time Management

Over my many years of executive coaching, I have learned that there are certain common traits that successful producers have in common.

Most of these success traits have many layers. The most successful producers master these levels either through their own actions and skills or by surrounding themselves with a team of qualified and competent people who do, and then manage their team effectively.

If you have ever said to yourself:

  • "There's not enough time in the day to get everything done,"
  • "My to do list is out of control,"
  • “I'd delegate more if I only had the time to do it,"

If you have then you're probably a good candidate to make some improvements in more effective time management.

So where do you start? It all starts with having a very clear and passionate desire to achieve very specific goals. Once you can articulate what these goals are, you will be able to then evaluate how you are spending your time and where your energy goes each and every day.

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Forget About Making Those New Year's Resolutions

It has been my experience that most people who make New Year's resolutions don't achieve the vast majority of them.

Is that true for you as well? We start the year with ambitious goals and wonderful expectations, yet not even before January comes to an end we find ourselves off-track. Why is this phenomenon an almost universally common experience? I believe it is true because most resolutions are merely ought to's, should do's or nice to do's. They are merely a hopeful wish list.

Make this year different. Here's how. Ask yourself this question, "If there is only ONE THING that I can do differently this year that would make all the difference in the world to having me achieve my goals, what would that ONE THING be?"

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Conquering Your Time and Organization Management

"Nothing is as fatiguing as the continued hanging on of an uncompleted task."

William James

It's quite simple, really. Doing the same things in the same way yields the same results. It's not rocket science. Working harder at doing the same or ineffective activities is self-destructive and zaps your energy and enthusiasm, and steals away precious time, yet we often persist in our "old" and comfortable ways.

Why? Because it's often easier to continue with our old habits; change takes effort, and not everyone is comfortable with the idea of change. In fact, many people are so frightened of change that they'll often settle in life rather than face their fears.

In order to conquer your time and organization management problems, to improve your insurance and financial services practice or to experience personal and professional growth, you must do things differently. I recently assembled a research and development team to explore the problems associated with poor time management and organization. We discovered that there were six categories that included at least 30 blockages to effective time and organization management.

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Help! I Need to Get Organized Once and For All

Perhaps one of the most frequent questions I receive in my coaching practice is, "Can you help me get organized once and for all?" or "I don't have enough time each day to accomplish everything that needs to get done, can you help me?" Are these people saying that they don't know how to get organized? I think not. Most people already know what to do to solve a problem or initiate a new goal or strategy.

Too Many Promises and Good Intentions

The way our mind works can get in the way of us actually following through on our goals or the promises we make to ourselves. Basic human nature causes us to move in the direction of what gives us pleasure or to move away from what might cause us pain or to be uncomfortable. Therein lies the problem. Overcoming this natural tendency of doing what feels good and not doing what doesn't feel good is a real challenge.

Following Through Strategies

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Vision, Persistence, and Triumph

On July 1st 1976, the new National Air and Space Museum building opened its doors to visitors in downtown D.C. This was not your ordinary ribbon cutting ceremony. President Ford was among the dignitaries present who watched a red, white, and blue ribbon being cut by a signal radioed back to Earth over nearly 200 million miles away from a Viking spacecraft that was approaching the planet Mars. Within two years, the museum welcomed over twenty million visitors. To this day, the National Air and Space Museum greets about 10 million visitors each year, making it the most visited Museum in the world!

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