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Seven Success Principles

I am pleased to send to you this month's issue of Champions, Seven Success Principles. I'm sure that you and I have come across hundreds of "success principles" over the years. I have found that some resonate with me more than others. It's my hope that some of the "success principles" that follow will resonate with you and will cause you to reflect, consider, react, or implement some of them.

Years ago I read an article in Selling Power Magazine that gave great advice from Carly Fiorina.  She boils down the secret of her success to seven principles. They are:

  1. Seek tough challenges; they're more fun.
  2. Have a clear, unflinching vision of your goal, followed by absolute clarity, realism and objectivity about what it really will take to grow, to lead and to win.
  3. Understand that the only limits that really matter are those you put on yourself or that a business puts on itself. Most people and businesses are capable of far more than they realize.
  4. Recognize the power of the team. No one succeeds alone.
  5. As Winston Churchill once said: Never, never, never, never give in. Most great wins happen on the last play.
  6. Strike a balance between confidence and humility. Have enough confidence to know that you can make a real difference, but enough humility to ask for help.
  7. Love what you do. Success requires passion.


Good luck to you on your journey to success.

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