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What is holding you back from increased revenue and clientele? We have the resources and tools you need to increase your bottom line and reach your business goals.

Get started today by downloading our FREE ebook What Every Great Salesperson Knows – A No-nonsense Guide for Sales Success, a powerful, hands-on workbook to assess your skills and compare them to top producers. Jam-packed with exercises that will pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and give you the opportunity to improve. Get powerful sales results, fast, and become a top producer.

Download our free ebook today!

What Every Great Salesperson Knows – A No-nonsense Guide for Sales Success

Earn more money, attract more clients, gain control over your time and organization and implement a business plan for success… For FREE!

Polaris One is offering you the unprecedented opportunity to download a free ebook, What Every Great Salesperson Knows – A No-nonsense Guide for Sales Success, based on 20 years of study and research of the top performing salespeople.

What Every Great Salesperson Knows sells for $24.95 on Amazon.com, but is being offered here for FREE.

Sales is a profession that has almost unlimited earning potential. It allows you the freedom to be your own boss and to design a professional and personal life to be everything that you want it to be.

But why are so many sales people failing to achieve everything that they are capable of achieving?  Why does one sales professional enjoy success year after year while another always struggles?

We surveyed top salespeople and determined that successful salespeople have traits in common. We call them the 15 Sales Success Factors.

What Every Great Sales Person Knows:

  • Describes the 15 Sales Success Factors so you know EXACTLY what you need to do become a success (plus we also show you what happens when you're MISSING even 1 of the Sales Success Factors and how that can sabotage all your hard work)

  • Gives you a self-assessment so you can see where your strengths and weaknesses are compared to top producers. (Note -- this ALONE can transform your sales results. It's based on 20 years of research of the top producers and is truly eye opening and VERY powerful.)

  • Gives you a step-by-step success action plan. Now that you know where your weaknesses are, what do you do next? We’ve got you covered -- we'll walk you through how you can improve ALL your weaknesses so you can start seeing OUTSTANDING results

  • Shows you how to work with the 15 Sales Success Factors and apply them to your own life and career.

What Every Great Sales Person Knows is more than a book – it’s a powerful, hands-on workbook to assess your skills and compare them to top producers, which is based on 20 years of research of top producers. It includes exercises to help you pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and gives you the tools necessary to improve in the areas of your choosing. It describes the powerful methods used by great sales people that you can use and implement immediately. In other words – it gives you tools to GET RESULTS, FAST! This in itself is worth the download!

You'll learn:

  • Powerful methods that will vastly improve your personal effectiveness and business performance

  • How to improve your management and organizational skills

  • Strategies and skills that will uncover your power to succeed

  • How to change your sales practice and close more sales, gain control of your time and overcome sales resistance

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The hour I spend with Bob twice monthly has inspired me and kept me laser focused on the important things to do to grow my business. Since my Coaching with Bob I have set standards, improved advisor production and hired four advisors. Staying focused in a world of distractions is paramount to develop a world class organization. Bob’s guidance, experience and amazing insight is taking me to quantum leap levels. I can’t wait for my next conference call with Bob. Invest in yourself and stay focused.
— Rob Ashton, CFP® Financial Advisor, Principal and District Advisor

What Every Great Salesperson Knows is a personal development workbook for sales professionals who want to achieve success in sales.

The assessment and exercises included are like having your own sales coach help you improve your skills as a salesperson and entrepreneur. How can you afford NOT to download this FREE ebook?

If you are new to sales, it will help you get your career off to a flying start. If you are an experienced professional, it will help you achieve new levels of success. It will also help you find meaning, fulfillment and exhilaration in your sales career.

In contrast to other books on sales, What Every Great Salesperson Knows does not focus simply on knowing your company’s products and services or even on knowledge of the steps in the sales cycle. Instead, it focuses on the personal qualities necessary to achieve excellence in sales and gives you tools to assess where you stand and how to improve – right now!

We have learned from our 30 years in the business that success in sales is not just a function of product knowledge and presentation skills, it’s a function of who you are.

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You don’t have to wait – you have the power to master the 15 Sales Success Factors and make it happen today!

There are many sales improvement books that identify and discuss the basic elements that go into a successful sales career. Components such as a positive mental attitude, affirmations, visualization, preparation and organization are not new ideas. Authors, Robert Arzt and Howard Russell’s clear understanding of this is conveyed in the title of their new book, “What Every Great Salesperson Knows.

What differentiates their book is that they not only do an excellent job of identifying 15 sales success factors, but they present concrete workbook exercises that help the sales professional to assess and develop these skills in their own practices. These exercises are accompanied by a clear discussion of what is important, why it is important and how it affects productivity. When combined with the workbook exercises and excellent case studies the book becomes what the subtitle announces as, “A No-Nonsense Guide for Sales Success.” It is concise, practical and excellent.
— Barry Albertstein, MBA, Ph.D
Bob Arzt

Bob Arzt

Bob Arzt is President of Polaris One and coaches business owners and financial servicesprofessionals who want to achieve more in their professional and personal life. Polaris Onespecializes in partnering with entrepreneurs as well as sales professionals in the Financial Services Industry to grow their business, increase sales, customer loyalty, retention, and personal productivity. A published author and seasoned presenter with more than 30 years of experience, Bob is a leading expert on goal setting, training and leadership.

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