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Integrity Coaching

Financial services industry managers: Do you want to increase the productivity and success of your advisors? Are you looking to grow your team? Are you looking to improve retention? Do you need help with training and business development?

Then our Integrity Coaching® - Coaching Your Agency to Greatness program is for you!

You see, our 30 years of experience have  taught us a few things about great leaders and the most successful businesses. Success leaves clues. There are 4 core traits that successful managers and salespeople have in common. Those people who possess these 4 core traits tend to succeed no matter what.

We have also observed that unless these 4 success factors are developed within people, you will NOT increase performance for any sustained length of time.

Our program specifically addresses the 4 core traits seen in all highly successful people:

  • Goal Clarity
  • High Achievement Drive
  • Strong Emotional Intelligence
  • Excellent Social Skills

So what is the key to success? It’s coaching: the key performance driver that increases sales team and staff engagement and productivity.

Integrity Coaching® - Coaching Your Agency to Greatness teaches managers a structured and disciplined process to conduct effective individual coaching sessions with their sales team and staff. This program addresses “how to coach” by equipping you with the attitudes, beliefs, values and skills to coach effectively. This course will have dramatic effects on you and your business by helping you:

  • Create a goal achievement environment
  • Understand the leadership style of highly effective coaches
  • Assess your own leadership style
  • Maximize your coaching session through proper preparation and post session analysis
  • Understand the different behavior styles of people to increase coaching effectiveness
  • Increase your ability to diagnose areas of needed improvement, ask effective questions to help guide coaching discussions, and prescribe specific actions for improving performance
  • Build the self-confidence of your staff
  • Achieve more than you ever thought possible

How does it work?

Integrity Coaching® - Coaching Your Team to Greatness is a 10 weekly one hour teleclasses.

Here is a sampling of the subjects that are covered:

  • Assessing your leadership skills
  • Coaching your producers to higher performance
  • Communicating with your producers’ Behavior Styles ®
  • Selling your producers on what they are selling
  • Diagnosing sales problems and prescribing cures
  • Influencing your people through your beliefs about them
  • How to build self-confidence in your people to achieve more
  • How to prevent plateaus in business growth
  • Battling low self-motivation

Integrity Coaching® - Coaching Your Team To Greatness will enable your business to become more consistent and profitable beyond whatever you thought possible and give you the tools, processes, confidence and vision needed to catapult your agency’s business.

There are two options when signing-up for Integrity Coaching:

  1. Sign up for one on one coaching for the program
  2. Sign up to be informed when the next class starts

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