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What is holding you back from increased revenue and clientele? We have the resources and tools you need to increase your bottom line and reach your business goals.

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Integrity Selling®

Get more referrals, close more sales and enjoy more significant relationships with your clients with Integrity Selling, a 9-week telecoaching program based on the book Integrity Selling by Ron Willingham.

Most producers who complete this program see an increase in revenue of 15%-40% and more. Additionally, they:

  • Enjoy great increases to their bottom line
  • Feel more confident
  • Get more referrals from their clients
  • Improve their closing ratios
  • Expand their business model immediately – both in the short term and in the long term

Integrity Selling is a selling training program designed to accelerate your business, break through mental barriers that are holding you back and change the way you relate to your clients and perspective clients. In short, Integrity Selling is designed to change your thoughts and belief systems and change your attitude toward what you think is possible and what you can accomplish with your business.

If you've ever wondered:

  • Why do most sales training programs fail?
  • Why do most sales professionals hit plateaus and stay there?
  • Why do most sales professionals fail to create the business practices that they want?

Then you'll want to learn more about Integrity Selling because the answer to these questions lies in a common selling myth – that achieving success in sales is largely a matter of mastering a series of selling strategies, presentation techniques, and product knowledge. The common myth is that selling is something that you do to a client and these are the only tools that you will need.

WRONG! The truth is: selling is not something that you do to people but rather something that you do for them and with them to identify and fill their needs.

Integrity Selling teaches you how to sell the way people want to buy.

Why Integrity Selling works

Most sales training course are a day a weekend or maybe even a week. That's simply not enough time to experience the behavior change where new habits, skills and attitudes are learned to really make a difference in your business practice.

Integrity Selling is an in-depth, hands-on guided course of study. Over the 9-week period you will have a chance to listen to and discuss course topics, talk about what is going right and wrong in your practice, self-evaluate and improve your methods of selling.

A different selling model

Building on a foundation provided by the 4 traits of highly successful people Integrity Selling teaches the proven 6 step selling system that will change the way you sell.
You will learn to sell the way clients want to buy. This program offers a blueprint to become a more effective salesperson by teaching you the 6 steps if the sales process.

The 6 steps of the sales process

  1. Approach – to gain rapport with people
  2. Interview – to identify their needs
  3. Demonstrate – to show how you can fill their needs
  4. Validate – to show that your proposal will fill their needs
  5. Negotiate – to work out the problems that keep your clients from buying
  6. Closes – simply ask for a decision

The way this system is different from traditional selling is that there is no selling effort up front. In other words, the selling model is different. You will be taught that the time spent on each of the 6 steps of the sales process will be completely different from what you have been doing.

And this will change the sales process for you and your client.

How does it Work?

Integrity Selling is a 9-week telecoaching program facilitated by Bob Arzt CLU, ChFC, LLIF. Classes are 60 minutes in length and class size is limited to 6-8 individuals.

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