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Client Testimonials for Bob Arzt

The hour I spend with Bob twice monthly has inspired me and kept me laser focused on the important things to do to grow my business. Since my Coaching with Bob I have set standards, improved advisor production and hired four advisors. Staying focused in a world of distractions is paramount to develop a world class organization. Bob’s guidance, experience and amazing insight is taking me to quantum leap levels. I can’t wait for my next conference call with Bob. Invest in yourself and stay focused.
— Rob Ashton, CFP®, Financial Advisor, Principal and District Advisor
The one-on-one coaching experience was very beneficial to my practice. Bob helped me sort out what was important and what was not, categorize the important factors, then develop strategies for taking my business to the next level. It was also immensely helpful in my personal life and gave me a vision of where I want and need to be. My production is up approximately 35% since working with InsuranceCoachU. Thanks, Bob!
— William K. "Bud" Bridgers, FLMI, CLTC
Bob is a pleasure to work with and has had a significant impact on my career. He has shown extraordinary industry insight and has helped me work through a major career shift. I would highly recommend him to any producer looking to take their practice to the next level or anyone looking to transition to or from management.
— Jay Wille
My participation in Bob Arzt’s coaching sessions has been an inspiring and rewarding event in my career. Bob and the group helped me enforce the habit of accountability to myself on a weekly basis. This keeps my vision and goal in front of me and within reach. It all comes together when I prioritize and make it happen.
— Cindy Schaper, Woodmen Of The World
Due to the support of Bob Arzt, Polaris One and the Champions’ Success Groups, our younger agents were able to acquire the knowledge and gain the support and encouragement they needed to develop their productive sales behaviors while overcoming personal obstacles to achieve their fullest potential.
— Michael J. Wade - President & CEO, Gleaner Life Insurance Society
Bob has helped my practice dramatically. His great knowledge of the insurance industry combined with his tried and true techniques produce great results. I would recommend Bob to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level.
— Eric Erb
Bob Arzt has been a great asset to me, as I engage in a new area of my business associated with financial planning. I am an Allstate Exclusive Agent in Connecticut focused mostly on personal lines insurance. My bi-weekly calls with Bob have kept me focused and on track toward realizing some stretch goals for 2009 that shift me firmly toward financial service offerings to my client base.

”Bob delivers insights about the financial service business that would have taken me years to experience. He’s clearly accelerating my advance in this part of my professional career. If Bob were not delivering the goods, I wouldn’t be writing this right now. I don’t have time to waste.

”Meanwhile, I strongly recommend Bob to anyone seeking a professional career coach in financial services and insurance. Bob Arzt is professional, clear, intuitive and he has a profound knowledge about how to be successful in this industry.
— Tim Haas
I found Bob in 2007 when I was looking for ways to be a better team manager when I felt pushed by too many priorities. Bob helps me with productive-organized thinking/planning and gives me the push to try ideas that are working for his other clients. He gives an industry perspective and research that I don’t find in my day to day operations. He’s referred me to some great authors and resources as well as his ideas. Always on time, always willing to help. I could not refer a better partner for your coaching needs.
— Mary Porter
Bob helped me to identify some issues with some of my senior advisors and gave me great advice on helping manage them.
— Russell S. Hale, CFP® - LeBlanc Financial Group
In all the years that I have worked with Bob Arzt I feel that he has really hit a home run with his skills and techniques. Bob has the ability to get into the trenches and communicate on a personal level through the Champion’s Success Groups. Bob keeps the motivation high and the participants accountable for their own success.
— Jim Collura - Vice President, American National Insurance Company
I wanted to drop a note to let you know how valuable the Champions Success Group conference call sessions were for me. I believe sincerely that you delivered all that I expected. You helped me to reconnect to the teachings and experiences of the Essentials course, to uncover some of the things I had misplaced in my memory from the course and you provided an opportunity to pick the brains of some excellent managers. You also added a great deal of value by sharing your own experiences.

I took away deliverables from every call and as a result received value from each session. One thing I didn’t mention today that dawned on me right near the end of our call was the idea of starting my monthly staff meetings with “proud of accomplishments” and ending each meeting with “next meeting commitments.” I’ve already run it by the advisors in our brown bag lunch session and they liked the idea.

As you know I made a strong endorsement to all my fellow wizards at the W&R management meeting in Austin in October. Since then the calls have continued to provide value to the extent that I am copying in Mike Gerken, Sr. VP of Development. You two should talk.

Best wishes for continued success.
— William K. Rambo, CMFC, LUTCF - Managing Principal, Waddell & Reed, Inc.
Bob Arzt has helped me to energize my business life. After twenty years in this business my practice had become a little stale. Bob helped me to differentiate between what is important vs. what is urgent and assisted me in devising action plans that got results.
— Howard L. Silvermintz, ChFC - Insuratlanta, Inc.
Bob provided a voice of reason during a tumultuous period in my career, in addition to being an anchor for the importance of systems, focus and goal setting. His message is consistent, honest and direct. With insightful questions, Bob’s experience & attention to detail consistently add depth & perspective to both my personal & professional challenges. Our work together has expanded my vision for my practice and enhanced the tools needed to achieve my goals.
— Daniel P. Rosaschi, CLU, ChFC
Working with Bob Arzt and using the 360 Degree Leadership Assessment and Executive Coaching has dramatically improved my relationships with my agents which has led to productivity gains and an improved operational environment in my agency.

”Bob’s Executive Coaching dovetails perfectly with GAMA’s Essentials of Management Development course. Having laid out my strategic 10-year vision, Bob’s coaching provides the feedback and accountability necessary to guide me through my operational goals and keep me on track.
— Darius E. Mark, LUTCF - Agency Manager
Champions’ Success Groups© has had a significant positive impact on our recruiting, selection and retention results. More than anything it brought back the focus on overall recruiting, various recruiting sources, and our selection process and offered a wonderful vehicle for peer sharing and accountability. Baltimore Life has been able to build on and continue this method for sharing and accountability on a regular basis - which makes it much more than a once and done program.
— Angie Yasulitis, LUTCF - Director of Leadership Development, Baltimore Life
Thank you for the excellent facilitation you provided for our strategic long range planning process. I am pleased to inform you that the plan you aided us in developing was so ‘on target’ that it was adopted unanimously by our 40 member national board of directors.

Your professional and objective guidance was key to achieving agreement in the diverse group chosen to represent all segments of our national organization. With your expertise and optimistic style you created an environment of trust that allowed our people to think freely and speak openly to envision for PIA a future bright with unlimited opportunities. As a result we now have a memorable, one-page ‘roadmap’ plan that builds upon our rich past to direct us to new heights.

It was a pleasure working with you.
— John N. Watson - Chairman, PIA National Long Range Planning Task Force
This is the best money I ever spent. Our coaching sessions have kept me feeling very positive and on track to achieve my business goals. I want you to know how much you and your training has changed and redirected my life and both of my businesses. You have kept me on track and kept my direction focused, which has had much to do with the success I have realized in EcoQuest. And I will never forget the changes you and Integrity Selling has made in Harold’s life. He has gone from the lowest sales person in JIM’S, Inc. to the top in sales and in gross profits for the last six weeks.
— Jim Mitcham - President-Jim's Inc.
I would like to take a few moments of your time to express my gratitude for our relationship.

As many others in the business world have done, I went through numerous goal setting, time management and career building systems, seminars, books and tapes. Each gave me information and some helped me form habits. Another similarity of each system was that each was a piece of what I was looking for and needed.

Your approach and methods gave me a complete and comprehensive plan for my today’s, tomorrows and into my future. I was able to identify my goals and develop a plan to achieve them coupled with maintaining my values.

I can sincerely say that the success I have achieved was in great part to the foundation you helped me develop.
— Rebecca Han, Bank of America
Bob…Thank you for giving me back my self esteem. As you said at the meeting after my speech, you think all things come for a reason. You came to me at a great time of need for me. I hope you remember my graduation speech. I met my goals. I met the goals with the things I was asked to do and have surpassed the $ goal set for me by far. Without you and the class I would not have been able to do what I am doing today… Thank you so much… The words thank you are not enough but the best we have in the English language. Thank you!
— Diane Mattis, Account Executive
I’ve been working with Bob for less than 6 weeks and have increased my activity and productivity with his direction. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the business for 3 years or 33 years, we all need coaching. Bob knows the insurance business inside and out. He also knows we have to enjoy life and realizes how very important balance is. The investment is well worth the rewards I’ve reaped from working with Bob!
— Joyce F Breiner, CLU,ChFC
I started working with Bob in October of 2006. Bob has been instrumental in helping my organization implement the One Card System. He has also provided one on one coaching with any subject I’ve needed help with. Since hiring Bob, my agency has increased in all areas, as well as winning the company’s Presidential Award.
— Rodney Barber - State Manager, Woodmen of the World
Bob Arzt helped provide the focus I needed after making a transition from a Home Office marketing position to the field. I highly recommend that you use his coaching and accountability sessions to drive your business to the next level.
— Glenn S Newlin, LUTCF, CLU, ChFC, CASL, MSM
I truly enjoy meeting with you. You are an inspiration, not just to me, but also to our team! I’m very thankful for having you in our team and being a part of us.
— Vickie J. Patterson-Buterbaugh
I think that the value that you bring to my professional development is the ongoing push for excellence that you challenge me with each time that we talk. You always have a way to keep me working on the bigger goals by focusing on the day to day changes that need to occur. The most important question that you keep asking is, ‘What do I need to stop accepting as good if I am going to be great?’ Thank you for your help and all of your ideas!
— Jeffrey Solomonson, LUTCF, FIC - Partner
I want to thank you for the positive direction you have helped me find in my life and practice. The time spent with you during our sessions has helped me see the big picture that I am building and has assisted me in obtaining small victories each month. Thanks!
— Michael T. Washer, ICS Financial, Inc.
As we all know recruiting is the lifeblood of any organization in our industry. We in the past 5 years have worked on many different projects but never maintained focus on doing 4 o 5 types of recruiting all at the same time. We spent a significant time commitment attending Essentials with a very solid 10 year business plan but most importantly a recruiting strategy. We started working with Bob as soon as we returned on how to take each individual task and break it down where it could be accomplished and have a high degree of accountability to get it done. We have had conference calls with Bob twice a month as a management team for the last 90 days and it has been very effective to keep us focused on what is important, and eliminate what is not and have all of our sales managers working toward the same goal. He provides the structure and the feedback and everyone knows that every 2 weeks we will be reporting our progress towards our long term business plan. I would suggest that anyone that is trying to grow a financial services organization as a GA or a sales manager consider using Bob and his company as it has been very beneficial for our entire firm.
— Kerry Lawing - President, Lawing Financial Group
Bob Arzt’s wonderful presentation at our WVAIFA State Convention was helpful to all attendees as it plowed below the surface and got to the heart of what makes each of us successful. Dealing with issues such goal setting and emotional intelligence he enhanced each person’s self understanding and gave each of us tools for self assessment.
— Bill Hunkler, 2008 WVAIFA President
The theme of our 2008 NAIFA-WV Convention was “Take Your Practice to the Next Level.” Bob Arzt provided an excellent hands on seminar that allowed each attendee the opportunity to examine their strengths and weaknesses as well as providing applicable skills each person could immediately put into practice. His techniques are easily adapted for personal as well as business and allows each individual the ability to focus on their particular needs… a welcome addition to our program and very well received by our members .. GREAT JOB !!
— John E. Pauley, CLU ChFC - Executive Director, NAIFA-WV
I’d put Dale Carnegie, AMA, and your class as the top 3 professional development courses I have taken...Thanks, Bob
— Gene Lubowicki, Exclusive Financial Specialist-Allstate
Things are really moving now for me. You have helped me in getting the focus back that I had lost over the past few years. Thank you for doing what you do.
— Kerry Kline - Registered Representative, Modern Woodmen Fraternal Financial
Just as a conclusion to our today’s talk, I do feel quite good about my practice and progress and feel that you have really helped me focus on what’s important. I can almost feel that focus as I do my daily tasks.
— Mel
Bob, Thanks for all your help. You have facilitated me in getting my business back on track. Thanks.
— John Gorham, CLU® - The Bulfinch Group

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